Tristn and Caroline at engagement meal The Wedding of Tristan Parker and Caroline Williams Tristn and Caroline wedding

Friday 11th April 2014

We met during our 1st year at University and the rest was magical!



Our adventure started over four years ago and every day is still as fun as the first, if not more.

Me and Caroline met as housemates during our first year of University. I remember thinking how beautiful she was. When I got to know her, I found out how fun, kind and adorable she was as well.

I finally bucked up the courage to propose on Caroline’s 23rd birthday (a good opportunity to spoil her with no suspicion). I honestly don’t really remember what I said, as I was a nervous wreck. Anyway, I must have got it right, because I got a YES.

We are so excited to celebrate on the 11th of April. We hope you can make it.

Tristan Tristan and Caroline at a meal Caroline



Me and Tristan have been together for a few years now.

After University, we spent a few months living in different Counties until we found jobs and somewhere to live together. The wait was worth it, as we now live together with our Cat, Arnie... (Tristan named the cat, and yes his name was influenced by Tristan's idol..... I just liked the name Arnie so couldn't really argue)

We are very happy and I love Tristan just as much as I did in the first year that we were together (if not more) We are looking forward to getting married and can’t wait for you to join us on our special day. I only have one rule for the day; smile and have fun.


Photo of Jennifer


Maid of Honour

Caroline's Sister

Photo of Sophie



Caroline's Best Friend

Photo of Stephanie



Tristan's Sister

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Caroline's Cousin


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Best Man

Tristan's Brother

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Caroline's Brother

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Tristan's friend

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Tristan's friend

Brides Parent's

Paul Williams

Father of the Bride

Michelle Williams

Mother of the Bride

Grooms Parents

Gareth Loyns

Father of the Groom

Sandy Parker

Mother of the Groom

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St Andrew's Church


The Parish Church of Saint Andrew,
Kenn, Devon
wedding rings


Friday 11th April, 2014 - 12:00pm
Please arrive 30 minutes before ceremony

The Lord Haldon Hotel


Exeter, Devon, EX6 7YF

01392 832483

Wedding Breakfast

Our wedding breakfast will start at approximately 2pm, allowing guests pleanty of time to make their way over to the Lord Haldon Hotel, from the Church. Upon arrival, please make your way to the gardens for photos and welcome drinks.

Celebration champagne glasses

Adult's Menu

Prawn Salad

Roasted Sirloin of West Country Beef

Seasonal Fruit Cheesecake

Please advise us on any dietary requirements

Children's Menu

Fish Fingers and Chips

Ice Cream

Please advise us on any dietary requirements

Evening Entertainment

The evening entertainment will commence from 7pm. Some food will be provided in a buffet style, and their will also be a DJ. Please dress smart/casual (no trainers)


If you require accomodation, all rooms have been reserved at the hotel. Prices are £65 B&B single and £90 B&B double. You will need to call the Hotel direct on 01392 832483.

(you will need to call and book. Do not use the online booking tool via their website)